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Wazzup everyone? Primetime here, bringing you with the most favorite game, "The Easter Egg Hunt!" This game is designed to be very difficult, having you to search many "trash" pages to find what you want: Easter Eggs! I'll be sneaky and hide them throughout this wiki. Remember, from the highlight, what I consider a true Easter Egg is some variation of the following message:

Congratulations! You have found an Easter Egg! Copy and paste the Easter egg code: 3TestTest3 onto the forum game to claim your points!

In order to claim the Easter Egg that you found, you must input the correct ten-digit code onto the Geometry Dash Wiki:Easter Egg page and the page you found it on. Please don't post it on the forums - there is a chance I won't check there if I'm lazy. If not every Easter Egg is found by the deadline, I WIN. If all Easter Eggs are found, the player who found the most will win. Good luck, and may the best player win!

Thanks to the following six users that have helped quarter of a percent and then gave up:

Special thanks to User:Roseturnip that helped me complete this project :)