Archmage Warlic and Ice-mage Alexander (Xan) both fell in love with Jaania. Often she would be obvlious when Warlic and Alexander would fight over her, such as when the two wrecked the classroom trying to gather books for her... Or one of Alexander's pranks, where she often saw the result of the prank.

When Warlic and Alex (Xan) decided to fight one more time, Jaania then attempted to break the two of them up, by jumping right into the middle of their crossfire, which ended in Warlic's magic-reflection spell returning Alex's ice spell into Jaania, which encased her inside a crystal for all of this time...

It is unknown if Jaania was still aware of time passing while inside the crystal or not- as 200 years passed since then.

During the events of Book 2, It was brought to reason that Jaania's own release from the same ice-crystal could potentially help in trying to bring Archmage Warlic back to normal. At the very end of Book 2, a furious Jaania froze both the Hero and a normal Warlic (along with Xan) inside another crystal for no definite reason yet. It is possible that during 5 years, she began an organization called the Rose, which tried to exterminate magic from Lore.

In Book 3, she is called 'Lady Jaania' by all of the Rose Soldiers so it is possible she has a very high ranking within the Rose organization itself.