Ultimate Destruction!


Ultimate Destruction is a test level that was used to produce the pre-release Geometry Dash trailer, when the game was originally called Geometry Jump. Elements from the level were later used in Base After Base.


What is shown of the level includes many basic elements, such as: jump pads, jump rings, gravity portals, and the ship form. A notable aspect that differs from normal is that while flying the ship, the drop-down roof had not yet been implemented to contain it to the static view and could be flown outside of visibility.


  • Ultimate Destruction was never intended to be released as an official level, nor was the soundtrack planned to be used again afterwards.
  • The cube icon seen in the preview is unlocked by completing Can't Let Go.
  • Despite the soundtrack not being used for an official level, Update 1.9 introduced the ability to select it for custom levels.
  • The trailer only shows the first two thirds of the level.
  • In the gallery below, an image shows 'Ultiate Destruction' instead of Ultimate Destruction in the level selection menu. This occurs at the very start of the trailer right before transitioning to the level demonstration.
  • Also in the gallery below are a few of the original designs for various level elements. This shows that Ultimate Destruction was previewed in the trailer during later development of the game.