World of Warplanes Update 1.8 is finally here!

Plane BirthdaysEdit

Gain additional rewards for your most decorated and experienced aircraft by celebrating their birthday in-game! Depending on their age, your planes will be able to grant you tons of new bonuses -- if you come back and play your honorees on their big day!

New Premium PlanesEdit

The main prize of War Cache (see above) will be the ability to acquire any of the new tier VIII Premium aircraft of 1.8, either at a discount or completely free! All three warbirds possess unique flight characteristics, lending themselves to different kinds of play styles that suit both beginners and pros.

New Consumables, New EquipmentEdit

Another helpful thing we're introducing are new equipment pieces and Consumables. Expect to see three new types of Consumables (one for each plane class) in both regular and Premium versions, as well as multiple new equipment items that will allow you to further personalize your aircraft. Grab all of these new goodies early (and for free!) during our War Cache event or save some Credits to acquire them the old-fashioned way when they become available at a later point.

Last But Not Least...Edit

Update 1.8 is also packed with a ton of other new features that will all do their part to improving your game. Expect to see a new client-side control prediction, two-player Flights, a new social network login ability, balancing adjustments and a range of new achievements for flights -- coming all in this update!